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Care Instructions


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Soap Care Instructions:

  • Allow soap to dry between uses, to promote longevity.
  • Avoid soap sitting in pooling water and limit surface contact using a soap dish, such as our wooden ladder style.

Shower Bouquet Instructions:

  • Take the bouquet out of its paper wrapping (and recycle it). 

  • Release the oils in the eucalyptus leaves by laying the bouquet on a flat surface and gently rolling over the stems. Keep the leaves, stems, and binding at the bottom of the bouquet in tact. Hint: A rolling pin or wine bottle are perfect tools.
  • Attach the stems and binding of the bouquet (fullest part facing downward) to a shower head using a rubber band or water-proof adhesive hook OR place bouquet in a vase in the bathroom.
    • Replace the Shower Bouquet after a few weeks or enjoy the dried bouquet in the home.

    Body Butter Care:

    • Apply body butter immediately after cleansing and patting the skin dry (showering, bathing, hand washing) for best results.
    • Our body butter is made from plant seed butters and carrier oils, which are all heat sensitive. If the product liquifies, place it into the refrigerator until it re-solidifies.
    • Store in a cool, dry location, out of direct heat and sunlight.



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