My Business Philosophy

My Business Philosophy

I was once told to live with an open hand, rather than a closed fist. The thought is that the more you are able to give and let go, the more you are also able to receive in return. In business, sometimes the return is a sale. Sometimes it is a connection. Sometimes it is a lesson. Sometimes it is character refinement. And for me, it also means that if I don’t have what you want or need, I don't try to hold on or force a purchase. I am willing to "walk away," as needed.

One time, I had a customer approach at a pop-up and say, “okay, sell me on your products.” I shared some of the options available and to be quite honest, was met with a rebuttal for everything, a request for a discount, and then finally the remark, “You better not be playing games.” With kindness and clarity I replied, “I don’t have time to play games. People want what I have or they don’t.” The customer paused what had felt to me and my assistant like an interrogation (note: there were a few other things said to make us feel this way), responded simply that they "respected that" and to my surprise, went on to make a purchase. 

I stand behind my response and the firmness with which I delivered it. I truly believe that people will want what I have through GOLD+WATER CO.®, or they won't. And either is okay!  I am NOT interested in engaging in high pressure soap sales. I am not interested in trying to get product into every home and onto the shelves of every store in the city and world. I am not interested in "convincing" anyone to do anything. And if I don’t have what you’re looking for, I understand. As it relates to soap, I’ll probably even tell you where I think you might be able to find what you want (especially if my friend Vellum Street Soap is nearby). I am honestly just grateful for those who are willing to connect or even to have any interaction with what I offer, regardless of the outcome. 

I’d rather lead this business with an open-handed approach, than a closed fist. I have found that was is meant for me (and by proxy, my business) will always find me (and by proxy, my business). 

Fellow entrepreneurs, what is one of your business philosophies?

-Chartel, Owner//GOLD+WATER CO.®