Missing, but still in action. | GOLD+WATER CO.

Missing, but still in action.

Immediately after announcing support for an anti-violence program called ODAAP, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, our entire account was disabled and removed by Instagram. To be honest, it was shocking and discouraging as so much of this small business is conducted through social media. Interestingly, just before the account was closed, I posted that "resilience" is my inspirational word for these next few weeks. And what an opportunity arose to exercise a bit of tenacity!!

What we have built through GOLD+WATER CO. is about more than soap. From donating your tips at checkout to ODAAP this month to partnering with programs like Project Hygiene, your purchases, referrals, and support not only sustain this business but help affect positive change in the community on a regular basis. Nothing will change that and my gratitude for each of you.

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