February Shop Update | GOLD+WATER CO.

February Shop Update

A few things to share:

1. If you're new here, thanks so much! We have product Restock+Release every first Monday of the month at 12pm EST. That's when signature items are replenished and new soap designs are shared. I'll remind you if you sign up for the email list and follow along on Instagram (@GoldAndWaterCo_)!

2. GOLD+WATER CO. was just featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer as one of 14 Black-owned Businesses to support during Black History Month (click here to read).

3. We're transitioning to a new logo! You'll still see the current one for a moment, but we'll switch things over completely at some point in March, for the two year business anniversary.

4. We have just moved to a new production space (and "we" currently just refers to one person, by the way)!! Now there is more space to make and store product!! It also means that orders are shipping out with a bit more of a lead time than normal due to the physical transition (around 3-5 business days).

Thank you so much for understanding as you place orders!!