Hindsight is 2020 | GOLD+WATER CO.

Hindsight is 2020

Sometimes we have the best view in hindsight. It's a perfect opportunity to celebrate, reminisce, learn, grow, and even lament. On the eve of this new year, I am filled with absolute wonder as I look back on 2020. There were certainly challenges and sorrows, but here are a few highs I'd like to celebrate, in no particular order.


  • * The Philadelphia Inquirer featured GOLD+WATER CO. in a beautiful, full-page spread (read it here)!


  • * Embracing Black Culture featured us in a gorgeous post (click here) that led to a last-minute holiday rush that rocked my workshop in the best way.


  • * In April, WeBuyBlack featured the company under its previous name, Toasted, as one of 10 Black-owned soap companies (click here).


  • * In May, I renamed the company GOLD+WATER CO. and completely "relaunched" everything in time for a scheduled monthly restock about three weeks later. I'm still not sure how it happened so quickly! Initially, this was done to avoid any potential issues, when I found out that another company had a similar name. Now, I can't imagine having any other name.


  • * Partnerships with 5 retail establishments throughout the year, who support local makers.


  • * I walked through one store as a brand new maker last year, admiring the soap on their shelves, dreaming of one day having product there. This year, it happened!


  • * GOLD+WATER CO. was able to donate over $500 to a local non-profit, called ODAAP (click here) which included tips given by customers at checkout from October to December.


  • * Selected to participate in a marketplace at Marsh+Mane (click here), which is a Black girl's dream hair and beauty store!


  • *Instagram removed this business page unexpectedly in October and then did the same thing to its replacement page two weeks later. Both times were immediately after I posted about a Domestic Violence Awareness campaign.


  • *Went from 600 friends on Instagram to 2300 in the past week (on this third business page).


I share this list from a heart of profound gratitude, hoping it will be an encouragement to someone, in some way. If a classically-trained singer and music teacher, who has endured a few struggles in her lifetime, can unravel and work a new dream, so can you! I love you all and appreciate your support. Always! See you soon for the January restock on 1/4/21 at 12pm EST.