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Our collection of soothing bath products, conditioning balms, luxurious body butters, and nourishing oils.


Simple designs, maximum impact. Colored with clays and scented with essential oils such as calming lavender, cleansing eucalyptus, invigorating citrus, and relaxing clove. These fizzy bath bombs are a treat for anyone who is serious about relaxation.

Listing is for one bath bomb, approximately 5 ounces.


Available Scents:

REST - a blend with one of the most popular essential oils - lavender. Popularly associated with calming. Topped with dried lavender.

RELAX - a warm, slightly peppery scent with clove oil, which is often associated with pain relief.

INVIGORATE - a blend with citrus oils to awaken your senses!

RELEASE - a blend with eucalyptus, with a fresh, camphorous quality. Topped with dried eucalyptus leaves.


*Please be advised that our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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